Having Aanchal and her team plan our wedding was hands down the best decision that we made. She made our dream wedding come true in the most dreamy way possible. She was our wedding designer & planner. With Aanchal, we started planning 8 months in advance and she was involved in designing and executing the entire wedding. She was actively involved in visualizing the three days right from scratch to finalising and onboarding all required vendors – photographer, makeup artist, DJ, anchor, music band, stationary partners, logistic partners, decor partners, choreographers etc, to managing end to end execution with them.

Aman and I always knew that we have a vision for our wedding and if we want that to come true, we will have to be deeply invested in the whole wedding planning process. But there are so many key decisions one has to make in the process, especially when it is a destination wedding, that managing with work could have turned out to be the worst nightmare for us, but because we had Aanchal and her team, we could pull off such a perfect wedding almost stress free. Aanchal was always available since day 1 and she tirelessly answered and solved all our queries. Our friends and family had the time of their lives, for them it was an experience never witnessed before. From handling decor to being my bride stylist to finalising all vendors to being my rock on the three days, she was best thing happened to us. She became my ultimate go to person for every wedding-related decision including styling for all my functions. Even our families didn’t have to worry about anything and they enjoyed every moment of the wedding planning process with Aanchal.

As the name says, she truly became my bridesmaid in the truest form, a friend with whom I shared all my wedding-related anxiety and her patience, her awareness, her high bar of empathy used to always make all my anxiety go away. Want a perfect dream wedding beyond imagination and want a perfect team to plan that for you and make it happen, HIRE Aanchal blindly! 🙂

Neha Kumar, Udaipur

We got in touch with Aanchal in 2020 for a December 2020 wedding, which finally happened in June 2022! This was not a short-lived love affair; it is now a full-blown relationship 😛 Aanchal was not only our wedding planner but became a dear friend in the process. She was always on top of things with multiple postponements due the pandemic. She helped us shortlist the best vendors we could have ever asked for – venue, photographers, makeup artists, decor, music etc. and was by my side whenever I needed help – be it my outfits, jewellery, wedding accessories or anything else. She not only helped with my outfits, but she was also amazing at helping me with my husband’s outfits. She went above and beyond with all the tiny to big details. Aanchal and Sakshi did not leave any stone unturned to bring our visions for our wedding to life. Hiring her was the first decision we made in the wedding planning process and was by far the best decision we made. I would highly recommend her to anyone getting married. Thank you so much Aanchal! 

Ritambhara Mahajan, San Francisco

One word to describe Aanchal is – “The Wedding Superhero”. I am not exaggerating when I say that there is nothing wedding-related she doesn’t have a solution for! I met Aanchal while looking for a photographer for my wedding and hiring her as my wedding planner was the best decision I made.

She helped me plan and execute the exact wedding I had in mind. Aanchal helped me with practically everything wedding related. You name it – from putting together a vision board for my wedding, to selecting and negotiating with all the vendors, all the wedding shopping, guest management and so much more. She is the perfect wedding planner who will respect your vision and budget and help and guide you accordingly to achieve that.

If you are looking for an unconventional wedding planner who is going to wear multiple hats – bridesmaid, friend, planner, personal shopper, decorator and what not to execute the wedding you have in mind, Aanchal is 100% the person you want to get in touch with.

Anjali Tomer

Aanchal has been my support system throughout the wedding planning! For a bride like me who is not in the country, working full-time and has no idea how to go about this – she’s a perfect fit! She was able to chalk out a rough plan in our first conversation itself and followed through on each step. (more…)

Punarva Gera, London

The USP of The Millennial Bridesmaid is that she creates warm, personalized weddings. Aanchal patiently sat through all the discussions with various vendors. She comes with rich industry experience and has a perfect team of vendors working for her. Her passion is contagious. Getting her onboard was the best decision I took. I can’t thank her enough! (more…)

Samridhi Manchanda, New Delhi

I’d managed most aspects of my wedding despite the long distance but the one department I was clueless about was the clothes. I reached out to her for her stylist package and she helped me with the main wedding lehenga and my mehendi outfit. She guided me and my mom in the maze that is Chandni Chowk and made the day enjoyable with her tour. (more…)

Mekhala Chandra, San Francisco

Aanchal helped me with my wedding planning in February 2018. It was extremely easy working with her. She was full of ideas and her enthusiasm was infectious. I would highly recommend her. She’s great with the execution of ideas and managed to take the stress out of wedding planning!

Shivangi Singh, Singapore

Aanchal is a perfect bridesmaid. I came to Delhi from Hyderabad to pick up Mehendi and Sangeet outfits and to shop for my trousseau suits. Her knowledge about the stores and designers is amazing, and she managed to connect the dots with what I wanted and helped me get exactly what I wanted.


Deepali Reddy, Hyderabad